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    Keeping Your Pets Happy and Healthy

    Our Services

    High Quality Veterinary Care

    Agape Animal Hospital provides a variety of services to pets in Panama City, FL.

    The team at Agape Animal Hospital has the experience you can trust when it comes to caring for your pets. We are here if your pet needs surgery, an ultrasound, or routine vaccinations to stay healthy. We also offer other medical services to keep your pet in the best condition possible.

    Small Animals



    Digital Radiology

    Dental Care

    Puppies and Kittens


    Bark Busters

    Small Animal Veterinary Care

    Our team is here to provide small animal veterinary care to ensure that your pet is in good health. We can answer your questions about proper nutrition, and more. Our skilled staff is here to give you all the information you need so that your pet is looking and feeling great.

    We are here for your wellness visits as well. We can perform a physical examination, answer any questions you may have about your pet, and discuss whether any changes in diet or at-home care are recommended to help ensure the health and longevity of your pet.

    We also take care of exotic pets to help them live longer, healthier lives. If you own one of these unique pets, we encourage you to schedule a complete physical exam and consultation on proper care and feeding. Our trained staff is here to help!


    Count on us to provide a wide range of surgical services for your pets. From routine surgical procedures, such as spaying and neutering, to more complex surgeries, we can care for your pet’s surgical needs.

    When you trust our staff with your pet, you will see that we make patient safety and pain management a priority. We also use the most current surgical practices when we are treating your pet. You can rely on our compassionate staff to monitor your pet before, during, and after surgery. We take exceptional care of your pet to ensure they have a complete recovery. We are also here to answer any questions or concerns you may have about surgery, including anesthesia, pain management, or postoperative care.

    We review all postoperative care and medication instructions so that you are informed when you take your pet home. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

    When you trust your pet to us for their surgery, you can have peace of mind that they will be taken care of every step of the way.

    Here is a list of some procedures we perform:

    • • Patella

    • • Cruciate

    • • Gastropexy

    • • Orthopedic

    • • Soft Tissue

    • • Ophthalmic

    • • Growth/Tumor/Cyst Removals


    Ultrasounds are valuable medical tests that are important for animals as well as adults. Diagnostic ultrasound has proven to be a powerful tool in veterinary medicine.

    Ultrasonography is a type of diagnostic technique that uses ultrasound waves to produce an imaging study. When we perform ultrasonography on your pet, we can see internal images of their body. Unlike some other imaging studies, like X-rays, ultrasonography does not use radiation. Instead, ultrasonography uses high-frequency sound (ultrasound) waves to create a picture of what is inside your pet’s body. Ultrasonography is a completely non-invasive, painless way to diagnose and evaluate many common diseases.

    During an ultrasound, a machine generates ultrasound waves. The machine is connected to a small probe that is held gently against your pet’s skin. The probe sends out painless ultrasound waves that bounce off of structures in your pet’s body and return to a sensor inside the ultrasound machine. The ultrasound machine collects these reflected “echoes” and uses them to generate images that we can see on a screen. Ultrasound waves can generate excellent images of abdominal organs, including the liver, spleen, gallbladder, and kidneys. It is also useful for assessing fetal health and monitoring pregnancy in breeding animals. Ultrasounds can help to diagnose and determine the severity of some forms of cancer.

    Ultrasound images can evaluate the heart as it beats in real-time. This can help us detect abnormalities in the motion of heart valves, blood flow through the heart, and contractions of the heart muscle. It can also be used to look at heart defects. As you can see, ultrasounds are a vital component of the care we can offer your pet.

    Digital Radiology

    Radiography is a valuable diagnostic tool in veterinary medicine that we can provide to our patients at Agape Animal Hospital.

    A radiograph (sometimes called an x-ray) is a type of photograph that can look inside the body and reveal information that may not be discernible from the outside. Radiography can be used to evaluate almost any organ in the body, including the heart, lungs, and abdominal organs, as well as the bones.

    Radiography uses very low doses of radiation. It is painless, safe, and completely non-invasive. Because the level of radiation exposure needed to perform radiography is very low, even pregnant females and very young pets can undergo radiography. Radiographs can be used to evaluate bones as well as the size, shape, and position of many of the body’s organs. This is important because some medical conditions, such as kidney, heart, or liver disease, can alter the size of these organs. Cancer, other medical conditions, and intestinal blockages can alter the shape and position of organs. Radiography can also be used to detect tumors depending on their size and location. Radiography is used to diagnose bladder stones, broken bones, chronic arthritis, certain spinal cord diseases, and a variety of other conditions.

    Radiographs are an important tool that can help us correctly diagnose your pet’s condition. Our radiology service is staffed by caring, skilled professionals who will provide state-of-the-art care with compassion and expertise.

    Dental Care

    If your dog has bad breath, it can be a sign that bacteria is growing in their mouth. Over time, bacteria lead to plaque and tartar buildup on your pet’s teeth. Bad breath, reddened gums, and other signs of dental disease can occur. As the disease progresses, your pet can have trouble chewing, begin drooling, or have loose or missing teeth. This is why it’s extremely important to keep up with your pet’s dental care.

    Dental disease can be linked to other serious health problems such as heart disease and kidney disease. When you bring your pet to us, we will examine your pet’s teeth and gums to help determine if there are any dental issues. After a brief visual examination, we may recommend a more detailed examination (which requires sedation), a dental cleaning, or options for at-home dental care.

    Many dental problems your pet may have can be managed through at-home care and by bringing your pet in for regular dental checkups and cleanings.

    Maintaining a healthy mouth will help your pet to live a long, healthy life. Call us today to discuss your pet’s dental care needs and how we can help!

    Call today to schedule your pet’s dental procedure and receive $100 off at the time of service!


    Puppy and Kitten Care

    If you have a new puppy or kitten, you’ll want to schedule an appointment for a physical exam. This will ensure that your pet gets off on the right paw!

    During the exam, one of our highly trained team members will look for any signs of illness and make sure that your new pet is in good health. We will also go over your pet’s vaccine and deworming schedule for optimal health. Be sure to bring any records you may have pertaining to your pet.

    We can also answer any questions you may have about puppy or kitten nutrition, training, vaccinations, and more. The more educated you are about your pet, the better you will be able to care for him or her. We are always here to help!

    Call us today to schedule an appointment so we can meet your new pet!


    Hospice and Euthanasia Services

    If you are caring for a terminally ill pet or have a pet that has a medical condition that is causing poor quality of life, you will be faced with some difficult decisions. While you don’t want to see your pet suffer, saying goodbye to a beloved pet is one of the most difficult things a pet owner will have to do.

    There may come a time when euthanasia is the only way to prevent an animal from suffering needlessly. Euthanasia is a medical procedure that requires careful discussion and consideration. Our staff of compassionate, caring professionals is here to help you through this difficult time.

    We offer hospice services and will work with you to ensure your pet’s comfort and dignity during his or her final moments. We will make every effort to accommodate your wishes.

    Deciding when your pet may need hospice care or euthanasia is a very personal and private decision, but that doesn’t mean you have to make this choice alone. Our hospice and humane euthanasia services provide the respect, compassion, and care that you need. Call us to learn how we can help.


    Bark Busters

    Discover Bark Busters’ history and learn more about our natural and dog-friendly training techniques.

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    Providing The Best
    Medical Care For Your Pet

    The team at Agape Animal Hospital offers excellent care for your pets. When you are looking for a veterinary clinic that will treat your pet as if they were their own, you can trust Agape Animal Hospital. Call us today to learn more!

    To schedule a visit for your pet please contact us or give us a call at 850-913-9777 today!

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